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Bethany Prayer Journal

We have started an electronic supplement to the weekly Bethany Prayer Journal. Anyone who would like to be e-mailed prayer requests as we receive them midweek, can give their e-mail address to Becky Minetto.  When you notify the church office of prayer needs, please let them know if it is OK to put the request on the e-mail prayer chain as well as the Prayer Journal.  Also let us know if the request is confidential. If you have any questions, contact  Becky Minetto.

Calling All Acolytes! Bethany Needs You!

Bethany needs acolytes for each worship service. If you or your child (age 7 or older) can help, please sign up on the signup sheet on the Welcome Desk in the Lobby. Parents, please sign up for your children (do not let your children sign up for themselves) and consider being an acolyte parent for the week as well. Teenagers (13+) and adults can sign up as well. Acolytes do not need to be children. If you have any questions about acolyting, please speak with Sarah Swett. Thank you!

Church Library

Take a look at the library shelves in the Parlor. New materials have been added, including donated books and some DVD's for personal or group study. Simplified procedures are posted on the shelves. A favorite fiction series, "Dearest Dorothy" has already been enjoyed by the Bible study members, and is now available for borrowing, reading, and chuckling over. If you have some BCC library books at home and are ready to return them, please put them on the desk for Becky to re-shelve.

Weekly Prayer List

The weekly prayer list found in your bulletin keeps us mindful of those in need of prayer. However, the list continues to grow. Please help us keep the prayer list up-to-date by calling the church office to let us know when a name may be removed.

The Sick and Shut-in

Members who are sick and shut-in are also listed on the weekly prayer list. Please continue to pray for them. Consider mailing them a card or giving them a call from time-to-time to let them know you’re thinking about them.

A 7-Day Coronavirus Prayer Guide

Pray for those who are sick, and their families, that the Lord would heal and comfort them.

Pray for those on the frontlines treating those who are sick, that the Lord would protect and strengthen them.

Pray for those who have lost work, that God would provide through their families and communities.

Pray for churches and ministry leaders, that they would know how to best show the love of Christ in this time.

Pray for national and local government leaders, that they would have wisdom to do what is best for all.

Pray for students who are out of school, and their families, that the Lord would give them patience and discipline.

Church Flowers

You can dedicate the flowers for a given Sunday service.  The cost is $15 for a standard arrangement.  Larger arrangements or specific flowers (roses or carnations), is an additional charge.

Forms are now available on the Welcome desk for your use. Please complete the form and leave it in the “red folder” on the Secretary’s desk. Please do not submit your request, no more than thirty days prior to your dedication Sunday.

You can also call the office by Wednesday if you wish to dedicate flowers for a Sunday.


We are endeavouring to increase recycling at Bethany. We have a paper recycling bin for used church bulletins in near the coat rack and can/plastic recycling in the kitchen.

Also, in our efforts of going 'green', Tower Notes are now available via e-mail.  If you would like to receive the Tower Notes via e-mail, please send an e-mail to: (the Church e-mail).  Receiving the Tower Notes via e-mail will save the church both time and money.  Thank you!