While we are away from the church building, it would be great to get caught up on some projects we have put off. Now some are large and complicated and so intended for contractors, but there are a few that laypeople could likely tackle. So, if you have the time, the desire, the skill or ability, here are some areas of the church building that need attention:

1. The lobby bathrooms need some drywall repair and painting

2. The wall in the closet in the sacristy needs to be scraped, sealed, and painted

3. Damaged ceiling tiles in the Parlor need to be replaced

4. The wall in the secretary's office needs to be scraped, sealed, and painted

5. The ceiling in the Prayer Room has stains that could be sealed and painted

6. Old communion trays in the sacristy could be polished and stored in containers

7. Replacing some damaged ceiling tiles in the narthex. 

All projects would be coordinated by Warren Swaney, our Property chairperson, and the church would provide supplies neccessary to do the job. Any work would be done by individuals or small groups and scheduled to maintain safety during this pandemic. If you may be interested in helping out your church, please call Dr. Bob or Warren.